AppSprngBrk gets a shout from Helen Shaw

“8. Appalachian Spring Break. Choreographer-dancer Scotty Heron and composer Brendan Connelly are both such uninhibited Chaos Muppets that when they take the stage for their hilarious junkshop tribute to Martha Graham and Aaron Copland, you’re often deeply concerned about the health of their sound equipment. Connelly tootles, blasts and sighs his electro-noise score on a deconstructed clarinet; Heron flings himself around in pointe shoes or heels or a Graham-ian stretchy tube o’ fabric; the two clamber over each other like a pair of puppies figuring out for the first time they have legs. It seems like mayhem, and then beauty asserts itself—classic and anarchic and enlivening at once, the perfect expression of vernal riot.”

Helen Shaw’s Best Shows of 2015: The ones that should come back


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