PearlDamour Projects 2015

PearlDamour is everywhere (!) and I am so happy to be making music with them. Here’s what’s up:

-LOST IN THE MEADOW – a performance in a giant field at Longwood Gardens (west of Philly) – is finally going to happen (after years of development. September 10th opening. The story (by Lisa Damour) of a group of strangers wandering a meadow in search of…something. Directed by Katie Pearl and in collaboration with set monster Mimi Lien and sound wizard Nick Kourtides. I am composing a score for percussion and electronics, performed by Yarn/Wire. Whoa.

-HOW TO BUILD A FOREST is happening in New Orleans, the place of its birth. Contemporary Arts Center, October 2015. A difficult-to-describe eight-hour performance installation of the construction of a beautiful ecosystem designed by Shawn Hall – in which my secret sounds – based on the materials of our faux-forest – morph into a world of digital birds and insects (co-designed with the great Christopher Delaurenti.  Good time lapse video here, to give you an idea.

and finally:

-Much is bubbling in the world of MILTON. Great article in the New York Times. Not sure which Milton is next – but we’re closing in on Oregon. More soon.


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