IMG_0615This November, I had the absurd privilege of staying at the Bellagio/Rockefeller residency in northern Italy. Hard to even sum up what an incredible experience it was – from the location to the amazing people – it was a really profound experience.

Continuing on my field recording compositions/thoughts (a set of which are currently installed at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans) I, well, made a lot of field recordings.

The processing of making these pieces (and perhaps the history of Field Recording Compositions) has always involved an internal discussion about DOING something to the recorded sound – DO I have to do anything for it to be a composition? When I start to DO something to the recording (processing, layer, edit, extract), at what point does the content/meaning of the recording dissolve and it is less about OBSERVING the world itslef, and more about ME as a transformative composer….

All that to say: I didn’t DO much to:

– and I like it that way.

Thank you, Bellagio.


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