imgresVery thrilled to announce that You, My Mother – the Two-headed Calf’s 2012 collaborative opera project (with Rick Burkhardt, Karinne Keithley-Syers and Kristen Kosmas!) will get to live again at the River-to-River festival, this Summer.  If you didn’t get to see this “a dense and sometimes perplexing meditation on maternity” the first time around at La MaMa, come out for these free performances.



Over the past few years, I’ve been toting around a small handheld recording device, and occassionally, when inspired, I’ll record my surroundings. I had no intention on doing anything to these recordings – I simply liked the sounds I found, and played them for others. But I then got interested in the musical material that I discovered within these recordings – the tone of the Metro in Paris, the rhythm of the frogs in a pond, the melody of a group of people in a park.  I then began to tease out this musical material, layering in electro-acoustic materials – performed mostly by me.

I had a little sneak-preview of these pieces at the great Catapult space in New Orleans with a great group of friends and thinkers.  And I’m not sure what the future is for them. Have a listen!