JACK SPICER’S BILLY THE KID is a mini-musical created by Lisa D’Amour and myself, directed by Brooke O’Harra and performed by ArtSpot’s Kathy Randels and Sean LaRocca, Todd D’Amour and Becca Blackwell. ┬áIt was a great success at the New Orleans Fringe Festival in November and we are scheming up a longer run in New Orleans and a New York premiere.

Studio recordings coming this Spring. For now, here are a few live songs from the run (forgive the occasional cough and dog bark!):


JACK SPICER’S BILLY THE KID is based on the 1957 poem by San Francisco-based writer and thinker and drinker, Jack Spicer. His obsessions with American masculinity, outsider-ness and channeling ghosts are turned into fractured cowboy songs, and woven together by the stealth hand of Lisa D’Amour. It is a follow-up to the 2010 Du Fu, Mississippi (those songs, recording at the legendary Piety Street, can be heard on this site as well).