In the last year I have worked on a number of really amazing projects – a Two-headed Calf chamber opera, a project that took me to Peru and a chance to work with Ellen Burstyn to name a few highlights – and finally I’m getting a chance to post some sounds and music I created.

In the LISTEN section, you’ll find samples from a production of A Streetcar Named Desire at Southern Rep in New Orleans, some samples from the LAByrinth Theater production of David Bar Katz’s Atmosphere of Memory (directed by Pam MacKinnon), a collage of sounds from a production of Brecht’s In the Jungle of Cities (in Spanish, En La Jungla de Las Ciudades) directed by Gisela Cardenas, and some more samples of the chamber opera I wrote for the Two-headed Calf’s You, My Mother.

Hope you like!


You, My Mother, the Two-headed Calf’s two-part chamber opera performed at La MaMa, E.T.C. in February, was a great success – and an incredible collaborative experience (Kristen Kosmas/Rick¬†Burkhardt and Karinne Keithley-Syers/myself. Directed By Brooke O’Harra. Performed by Mike Mikos, Laryssa Husiak, Beth Meyers and Kate Soper. Music performed by Yarn/Wire.

Here is brief excerpt on the 3rd section (The Gorilla Sequence) of my piece: