Premiere of You, My Mother: Febraury 9th!

A few things to keep you posted on:

Finally, the Two-headed Calf is premiering our two-part opera project, You, My Mother – at the Ellen Stewart Theater, February 9th. It’s been a truly amazing and strange process to put this together and I think we have created something completely new and personal. Along with director Brooke O’Harra and the other collaborators (Rick Burkhardt, Kristen Kosman, Karinne Keithley, Beth Griffith, Kate Soper, Mike Mikos, Laryssa Husiak, Yarn/Wire, and more!), I really hope you can check out the performance.

Tickets here:

Side-mentions: I will be composing music for the Southern Rep’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire, to open in March in New Orleans. SO if you’re down there, come on by.


And PearlDamour, along with visual artist Shawn Hall, will be re-creating the hugely successful 8-hour performance installation, “How To Build a Forest”, seen this past Fall at The Kitchen – it will run for 2 weeks in April at the Odgen Museum for Southern Art, also in New Orleans. And I will be re-envisioning the sounds of the forest!


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